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How to have information removed from the Internet and Google Search

A handful of content removal methods are commonly deployed by online reputation firms and internet privacy specialists to remove unwanted private and/or negative information from the internet. 


Most of these methods can be successfully used to remove information from the internet without hiring an online reputation management company or using an internet privacy service.  However, only when certain circumstances apply do these methods work to get content removed. Furthermore, the content removal methods we are about to look at only work when carried out properly.


At Defamation Defenders, the diversity of our team's professional makeup can be seen in our interdisciplinary approach to dealing with negative press online and removing private information from the internet - i.e. online reputation repair. Here are a few tactics our team uses to remove information from search engine results and the internet.

Best Internet Information Removal Company to get links removed and webpages deleted to 404 Not Found | Defamation Defenders

Make an Appeal to the Website Admins and Hosting Company

Google, Yahoo and other search engine providers recommend that people seeking to remove information from a website that they do not own and cannot edit or update, first try to reach out to the administrators of the website(s) from which they're seeking to remove content.  There are a number of ways we can utilize the extensive network of tools, resources and contacts we've developed during the many years we've been active in online reputation repair via negative content removal.

TOS Content Takedowns

Removing information from the internet can achieved when website's Terms of Use, or some other website policy conflicts with the content or author/poster. Our team is often able to have private information deleted off a websites using the policies stated in the website's Terms of Service (TOS), content policy, copyright policy or alike.

How to Use Website Terms of Service to Get Negative Content and Private Information Removed from Google and the Internet
Top Company to Remove Public Records from Intrnet

Legal Take Down Requests

In some cases, when certain circumstances apply, submitting legal content removal requests can suffice to get negative or unwanted information removed from websites and search engines. 

Working closely with a network of leading defamation attorneys and legal specialists from around the United States, sending professional, attorney drafted demands to website owners and/or administrators, hosting companies, search engines, and alike, is but one of a handful of the effective tactics in the internet information removal toolbox Defamation Defenders pulls from to be able to ensure that all unwanted, private information be deleted from websites, negative articles removed from the internet or buried on the Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs), bad reviews, defamatory internet posts and other undesirable web content is deleted from search engines and taken off the internet completely and permanently.

Cease and Desist

Often we're able to get harmful content removed from a website and deleted from search engines using an attorney drafted cease and desist letter.

Subpoena Search Engine Providers & Hosting Companies

Subpoenas can be issued to obtain information from website admins, hosting companies and search engines like Google.

Defamation lawsuit

If defamation can be proven, suing an individual for posting defamatory content is an option. Often the mere threat of such a lawsuit with suffice to encourage a website admin to delete content.

EU Privacy Removal Request

We may be able to utilize EU privacy laws and The Right to Be Forgotten to have articles with an individual's name or personal information removed from the internet.  In order for EU Privacy Removal requests to be used to remove information from the internet, the request must be made on behalf of a citizen of a European Union member country whose name is mentioned somewhere within the content specified to be removed.  Unfortunately we are not able to utilize The Right to Privacy to remove information from the internet for United States citizens, where the large majority of the people and businesses that seek our help to remove online information are located.

Negative Online Content Removal Services

Cheater Website Post Removal

Remove Harmful Content from Cheater Websites
Remove Cheater Slander Post

Don't let a angry ex-lover's post sully your good name online. Fight back with our cheater website removal solutions. Guaranteed to fully remove posts and all content from cheater websites such as, Cheater Land and many others.

Consumer Complaints Removal

Remove Negative Reviews from Complaint Websites an
Remove Negative Complaints

We're experts in helping companies clean up negative feedback and remove complaints from consumer complaint forums. 

Our business reputation management solutions employ a hundful of strategies to remove online complaints and prevent complaint website links from appearing on search results.

Negative Review Removal

Remove Bad Reviews from Review Sites and Search Results
Remove Bad Reviews

Seeing as the management of business listing on review sites like Yelp is a major part of Defamation Defenders online business reputation management offering, we've learned a thing or two about removing negative reviews from Google, Yelp and other local directory and business review sites.

Defamation Removal

Remove Harmful Content from Cheater Websites
Remove Negative Defamation Online

Combat internet slander and have on defamatory content removed from blogs, news articles, forums and 100s of other online sources. Utilizing a network of top defamation removal attorneys, in combination with proven, White-Hat Search Engine Reputation Management techniques, our team is ready to take on any online defamation attack, no matter how severe.

Common Sources of Negative Search Results and Private Information we Remove

Below you'll find some of the most common types of content causing online reputation problems for people and companies.

Remove User-Generated Content

Get defamatory forum posts and complaint form threads removed from the web. We can help you remove forum posts completely or bury negative forum threads in search results.

Forum Threads and Comments

Get defamatory forum posts and complaint form threads removed from the web. We can help you remove forum posts completely or bury negative forum threads in search results.

How to Remove a Negative Internet Post and Comments | Defamation Defenders

Business Review Webites

Over 97% of companies now acknowledge the importance of online reputation management and the biggest obstacle for most businesses is online reviews.  We offer solutions to remove and improve negative reviews on websites like Yelp, CitySearch and Google Maps.

How to Get Bad Reviews Removed from Google Search and the Internet | Defamation Defenders

Cheater and Revenge Websites

Even more than the other types of user-generated content mentioned above, cheater websites and revenge websites, where ex-spouses and former lovers seek revenge on one another via online assaults posted online, have been a growing problem since passage of Section 230 of The Communications Decency Act of 1996 (CDA).

How to Get a False Cheater Website Revenge Post Removed from Google Search and the Internet | Defamation Defenders

Social Media Websites

With the uprising popularity of social sharing websites like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter has come a ever increasing need for solutions to remove unwanted information from social media sites.  Whether it's removing social media profiles entirely or getting negative social media posts deleted, Defamation Defenders content removal reputation defenders have the solutions needed to promptly address the situation.

How to get social media sites and search engines to delete negative posts, sensitive photos and personal information

Youtube, Vimeo and Other Video Sharing Websites

Social video sharing sites like Youtube, Vimeo and Dailymotion allow users to upload and videos and share it with the public online. These video sharing websites, combined with the mobile camera phone phenomenon,  often spells trouble for the online reputations of people and businesses.  When reputation-damaging videos are uploaded to YouTube, Defamation Defenders has the tools and resources you need to get the video taken down quickly and in a private manner.

⇒ Learn more about our Youtube video removal solutions here

How to negative video content removed from Google and the internet | Defamation Defenders
How to Remove Personal Information from Data Brokers Websites and Search Engines

Remove Personal Information from Data Broker Websites

Data broker websites collect people's personal information, sell it to third party websites and publish it online.

Learn how to remove and protect personal information here.

Remove Online News Publications

Bad press published by online news publications can be one of the most damaging types of content to the online reputation of a business or individual. Moreover, news articles fall into one of the most tricky categories of content to remove from the internet. We've helped 100s beat bad press by removing negative articles from news publications and press release sites, getting names taken out of news stories, and burying links to bad press on Search Results of Google, Bing, DuckDuckGo and other conventional web search engines.

Learn more about our news article removal solutions here

How to remove negative articles and bury bad press links on internet search
How to Negative Posts Removed from Blogs and Internet Search Results | Defamation Defenders

Remove Content from Private Blogs

Negative posts to blogs created on platforms like Blogspot and WordPress are an all too common occurrence, resulting in the damaged reputations of countless people and businesses.

Learn how to get negative blog posts removed here.

Remove Criminal Records, Arrest Info and Mugshot Images from Web Search Results

If your name has been mentioned in the local police blotter or scrapped and published online by an up by an arrest record database or mugshot imgage gallery website, you're in luck.  Defamation Defenders's internet reputation attorneys and content removal specialists have devised dozens of proven strategies to remove arrest information, police reports and mugshot images from hundreds of websites and all major search engines.

Learn more about mugshot removal here

How to Remove Mugshot from Websites | Defamation Defenders

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