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We can tackle the problem head on by removing the negative content. Our social media defamation removal specialists find and remove false posts from all the leading social media platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Reddit, TikTok, etc.

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Whether its impersonation, some form of online harassment, such as doxing, cyberbullying or sextortion, and revenge porn, or the sharing of public records and arrest articles and mugshots to Facebook Pages and other social media sites.  Don't let a negative social media comment, false review, or any untrue accusations on Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Twitter, etc. linger online another day.  Protect your your reputation against defamatory social posts, and fake impersonation profiles.

Social site search identifying reputation-damaging posts, fake accounts, and leaked or pirated content

Our team utilizes cutting-edge technology and advanced search tools to thoroughly search all major social media platforms in order to identify and eliminate any and all traces of negative content on social media.

Removal process

Our content removal specialists are equipped with a large arsenal of solutions to remove information from dozens of social media websites, including all the most authoritative social media sites. Using these solutions, we formulate unique approaches for each project. Among other factors, which strategy we execute depends on the social media websites content is to be removed from, as well as the content that we'll be removing.

Permanent removal of unwanted social media content

Once we've identified all unwanted social media content, our team of content removal professionals puts our processes to use to swiftly remove any and all traces of the undesirable posts from the social networks it's been shared to.  Once we do this, we ensure that the link, images, etc. is deleted from search engine indexes to ensure that it can not be found on Google.

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Advise on Dealing with negative content posted about your business on social media

Handling false accusations on social media can be a challenging and stressful experience. Here are some steps you can take to handle false accusations on social media:

  • Don't overreact: Before taking any action, take a deep breath and don't let your emotions get the best of you. Overreacting can sometimes exacerbate the situation and make it worse.
  • Assess the situation: Evaluate the nature of the false accusation and the potential damage it could cause. Determine if the accusations are potentially libelous or defamatory.
  • Respond promptly: It's important to respond quickly to false accusations on social media. If you don't respond, the accusation may gain traction and spread.
  • Stay professional: Respond to the false accusation calmly and professionally. Avoid engaging in personal attacks or name-calling, as this can damage your reputation and credibility.
  • Provide evidence: If possible, provide evidence that proves the false accusation is untrue. This can help clear your name and mitigate any damage caused by the false accusation.
  • Seek legal advice: If the false accusation is potentially libelous or defamatory, seek legal advice from a qualified attorney. They can advise you on the best course of action to protect your rights and reputation.
  • Consider reporting: If the false accusation is particularly malicious or threatening, you may want to consider reporting it to the relevant authorities or social media platform.

Overall, handling false accusations on social media can be a challenging and emotional experience. It's important to respond calmly, professionally, and promptly while seeking legal advice and support if necessary.

Social media website removal resources and solutions

Removing Content from Instagram

Want to have something removed from Instagram?  Defamation Defenders can help!  We have proven solutions to get posts, comments and profiles deleted off of Instagram and the internet.  We have experience with IG profile impersonations, removing leaked or stolen photos and video content from Instagram, getting private images deleted off of Instagram, and removing negative comments from Instagram posts/stories.  

Instagram resources on removing content

  • Slander on Instagram - Report defamatory posts, comments or profiles to Instagram using the Defamation Reporting form provided by Instagram here
  • Reporting profiles and posts - Instagram may remove certain posts that users report.  Find more information on how to report a profile or post on Instagram here
  • How to report things to Instagram - Instagram offers detailed instructions on how to go about reporting images, posts, comments and other content that violates Instagrams policies or community standards here.

Removing Content from Facebook

Defamation Defenders offer guaranteed Facebook content removal solutions. Our team has experience removing false and reputation-damaging information from Facebook pages, groups and profiles.  Have unflattering photos, defamatory posts/comments, leaked or stolen content, and other harmful material deleted off Facebook.  

Links to Facebook Help on Content Removal

Youtube Content Removal

YouTube Removal

Negative Youtube video about your company?  Stolen video leaked to YouTube?  Fake YouTube channel impersonating you or your brand?  Whatever problem you're experiencing with content on YouTube is, Defamation Defenders's Youtube Removal solutions can help!  Our team of social media content removal specialists has experience removing unfavorable video reviews/complaints from YouTube channels, getting negative comments deleted from YouTube videos, having entire YouTube channels deleted, removing YouTube videos/playlists/channels from Google, Bing and other internet search engines. Learn more about reputation management solutions for YouTube content removal here.

Youtube Content Removal

Twitter Content Removal

Want to remove a harmful Tweet, fake profile or private image from Twitter and get the Twitter content deleted from internet search engines?  Defamation Defenders' content removal specialists are experienced in removing content from Twitter and can have false tweets and negative information removed from Twitter permanently, promptly and privately.

Twitter resources on removing content

  • Non-consensual nudity - Twitter's policy regarding  non-consensual nudity was created in November 2019 and hold's that users may not post or share intimate photos or videos of someone that were produced or distributed without their consent. View the full policy here.
  • Misinformation on Twitter - How Twitter defines and handles false tweets, fake or impersonated profiles, and other misinformation on the platform. Twitter has published 4 different policies to address the following types of misinformation that are common on the platform: (1) Crisis misinformation, (2) COVID-19 misleading information, (3) Synthetic and manipulated media, and (4) Civic integrity. Learn more about Twitter's policies on misinformation here.
  • Transparency report on removal requests - Twitter's content removal transparency report is a robust resource offering insight into all request to remove content that Twitter receives. You can access the latest monthly report here.
Remove Leaked Video or Photo from Social Media Websites

Why use our services to remove content from social media?

While Defamation Defenders has been helping companies and individuals remove unflattering content from websites and search engines for longer than most social media websites have been in existence, we have a special team devoted to social media reputation management and content removal.

Defamation Defenders is the company to hire for removing negative content about you from pages that you don't on on social networking sites like Facebook and Instagram.

Defamation Defenders client - Social Media Content Removal Services

Vivian M.
Social Influencer

I highly recommend the Defamation Defenders team for reputation repair involving social media postings.  The company was able to find and remove all the false accusations about our team just as they said they would.  Throughout the entire process, the team at Defamation Defenders was professional and polite.  I have nothing but positive things to say about Defamation Defenders, and would not think twice before recommending their services to my friends or family, or any company seeking to remove negative comments and false accusations from social media websites and search engines.

Client Testimonial - Used Defamation Defenders to remove false accusations from social media

D. Forrest

Limiting premium content to paying customers has never been more difficult for adult content creators.  When my content was ripped off and leaked on to social streaming sites and web forums like Reddit, I called Defamation Defenders.  They were able to stop the leak and get my videos removed in less time than any other company I spoke to estimated it taking. And they did it for a price that a web cam creator could afford.  I couldn't be more grateful for their help!

Lacy L.

Defamation Defenders
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