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How to Remove Online Complaints from Websites and Search Engines

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How to Remove Online Consumer Complaints

The information available on, Pissed Consumer, and other consumer complaint forums and review websites can tarnish your online and offline business reputation. When you find an unfair report that puts a black mark on your business, you have options. To address or remove an online complaint, our team of online reputation repair experts and internet content removal specialists offer comprehensive search result suppression, complaint link deindexing, and negative review removal services.

How do we Deindex Consumer Complaints on Google Search?

Search engines like Google manage the content available through online searches. Like a blacklisting, deindexing allows search engines to remove certain content from the results. In the world of online reputation management, this process often allows unfairly reviewed individuals and businesses to reclaim their online reputation.

Google will deindex pages online for a number of reasons. Our team will look for a matching reason and petition the search engine in question to remove the material. Some of the most common reasons companies search engines deindex web pages include:

  • To remove outdated copy
  • To remove illegally posted information
  • Copyright infringement violations
  • Posting otherwise protected data
  • Improper link acquisition

We Can Help You Remove False Damaging Complaints from the Internet

We offer deindexing services for Google, Bing, and Yahoo! for your peace of mind. A search engine may automatically or manually deindex pages, and our specialists understand the process—so we can protect your rights.

When you contact us, we will go over the options available for deindexing or otherwise addressing a consumer complaint. Our company uses white-hat techniques to fairly remove negative, reputation-damaging consumer complaints comments from sites like Ripoff Report,,, and many others. Deindexing is an incredibly effective strategy for reputation management.

Contact us to get started today. We only bill clients if we secure successful results.

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