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What is a cheater site?

While "cheater website" is neither an official term nor website classification/category, it's a phrase that's getting more and more attention both within the online reputation management industry, and among the general public.  Seeing as 100s of posts smearing the names of unsuspecting individuals are posted on cheater websites by anonymous users everyday, it's no wonder that this notorious niche of website is creating such a buzz.


Definition of a Cheater Website

A cheater website can be loosely defined as a website consisting wholly or primarily of user-generated content - i.e. content posted by website visitors that are not affiliated with the site.   In the case of cheater websites, the posts are typically made out of anger, by someone close to the victim subject or victim of the post, namely a former spouse, ex-lover or participants in other past relationships.

How is this legal?

Those whom find their name, personal details and/or pictures posted on a cheater website like, or find themselves asking the same questions.  One of the first things people defamed on a heater website want to know is how this type of website is legal?


CDA Section 230 Immunity

Section 230 of the Communication and Decency Act grants website owners immunity to providers and users of websites that publish information provided by others - i.e. user-generated content.


Why removing your name from cheater websites is a good idea

It's the 21st century and everyone, just about everywhere, is looking to the internet for information on everything and on each other.  What people find when they search your name on Google counts. If personal and/or professional contacts find a post on Cheater Land or, for instance, what is said in the post will likely figure in to their overall view of you.  

The Negative Impacts Being Posted on a Cheater Website

There are many very real reasons not to let a cheater website post linger online, published where the world can see. Here are a few...

Unemployment, job loss and missed employment opportunities

When hiring candidates for careers in nearly all industries, recruiters frequently incorporate web searches into their evaluation of job applicants.  False allegations from a disgruntled ex-lover or former spouse is the last thing you want potential employers or recruiters to find when researching you online.

Depression and anxiety

Being publicly humiliated on a cheater website can have lasting effects on one's mental well-being and psychological makeup.   Depression and anxiety are but two of the many undesirable outcomes that a cheater website post can have on an individuals psychological well-being. 

Stalking and harrassment

If it's not bad enough to have your name smeared by a cheater website and your reputation torn up online, having private information exposed online, such as your phone number, picture or contact information, can open you up to threats of stalking and ongoing cyber-harassment.

Strategies to remove information from cheater sites

Below you'll find some tips for dealing with cheater website publications and techniques to have posts deleted from cheater sites.

Reach out to the owners of the cheater website

Our team of internet privacy content removal experts has gathered contact information and formulated removal and de-indexing solutions that allow our team to provide one of the fastest most effective ways to get people removed from defamatory cheater websites by fully removing the website post and deleting the links off Google and other search engines.

Contact the company hosting the content

If you're unsuccessful in your attempt to reach out to the admins of a cheater website, you're next course of action should be to get in touch with and report abuse to the company hosting the cheater website. 

Use website policy violations

Sometimes our team is able to have content deleted off a website using the policies stated on a website in its Terms of Service (TOS), content policy, copyright policy or alike.

Suppress cheater posts on search results

This strategy doesn't actually remove the content from the cheater website.  What it does do is push the post back on Google Search Results.  Because the large (over 90%) of people searching for a person on Google Search don't go past the 2nd page of search results, suppressing negative posts on Google serves the same purpose as completely deleting a post from a cheater website - i.e. to remove the post from publicly visibility and prevent people from seeing the content on the internet.

Legal remedies to remove content from a cheater website

There are a few ways you can use the law to deal with cheater websites, however there are important limitations when it comes to suing cheater websites and using other legal recourse to remove content from cheater websites.

  1. DMCA takedown - In order for a DMCA takedown to be successfull in removing content from a cheater website, it must be shown that the cheater website content infringes on copyrighted material that you own.  For instance, if someone saved your Facebook profile picture and posted it on a cheater website, there's a good chance you'd be able to get the website to completely delete the post. If they're unwilling to delete the post, at very least you should be able to get the  copyrighted image taken out of the post and deleted from the site.
  2. Defamation lawsuit - you may be able to get content removed from a cheater website by sueing the person that submitted the post.  To do this you will need to (a) identify who posted the content on the cheater website; and (b) prove that the post contains defamatory statements about you.

How much does it cost to have cheater website content deleted?

The cost to have 1 post removed from a single cheater website typically ranges from $900 to over $3000, depending on the website from which the post is to be removed.

Standard Cheater Content Removal Pricing and Timeframe

Refer to the tables below to get a rough idea of how much it will cost and how long it will take to remove information from cheater websites. 

Price to Remove Cheater Post(s)

Refer to the table below to get a rough idea of how much it will cost to remove information from cheater websites.

1 post  Complete and permanent removal of 1 post from a cheater website. $900 to $3000
2 posts Complete and permanent removal of 2 non-duplicate posts from a cheater website.  $1,500 to $4,000
3+ posts Complete and permanent removal of 3 or more non-duplicate posts from a cheater website. Usually over $4000
Cheater Website  Monitoring  Service to monitor cheater websites for an individuals personal information and/or photos. Starts at $50 per month

Timeframe to have cheater posts removed

The table below contains information on typical turn-around times for cheater content removal services.

Content Removal
 2 to 4 weeks
Search Engine De-Indexing   Typically complete within 72 hours of cheater website content removal.
  • Service is ongoing
  • Setup takes up to 72 hours.

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S Anika

I was shocked to find my name on a cheater website a few weeks after I broke up with my ex-boyfriend. A friend recommended I reach out to Defamation Defenders and boy am I happy I did that. I was immediately assigned Jerome as my account manager and he was very familiar with the website I was posted on and knew exactly what was needed to get the content removed. Very quick and efficient service. Thank you Jerome for all your help.

Sumiya Anika

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