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Find the best ways to deal with negative content on is one of a handful of well-known user generated, forum style website that allows anonymous visitors to submit unverified and often untrue claims about other people's relationships, or more specifically, about "cheaters" involved in relationship infidelity. has been picking up steam in 2019 as it gains more and more recognition as an established cheater website that allows for anonymous users to bash others.

A brief background

 While ICANN WHOIS search tool has a domain registration date of June 5th 2016 recorded for, the actual website wasn't up until about a year and a half later.  Today is among the most visited cheater and revenge sites in existence.

How to Remove Post

How is legal?

It's shocking to many people that a site like could exist under United States law.  Indeed, public outcry would normally result in a site like this being shutdown in no time, but because of a loophole created with Section 230 of the Communication and Decency Act (CDA), website owners can not be held liable for the information provided by others - i.e. user-generated content.  Hence the legality of and the heated debate surrounding cheater and revenge websites.


Why bother?

Why should you care that your name and picture appear on a post?  If you think that maybe nobody will see the negative information that's been posted to or that it won't impact their overall impression of you or actions towards you, think again! 

Potential Impacts of a Post

Here are a few reasons you should take action to remove your information from as soon as possible.

  • Loss of employment
  • Missed professional opportunities
  • Strains on personal relationships
  • Impacts on mental health
  • Cyber-stalking and harassment

Strategies to remove content from

Here are the best techniques you can utilize to get information removed off


Reaching out to the website owners is probably the first thing most people think of when trying to remove content from, and for good reason.  Contacting a website's admin(s) is the first step Google and other experts recommend when attempting to have information removed from the internet. 

Contacting isn't hard to do.  Anyone can submit an inquiry via the form on the website's about us page.  Getting a response from a admin may prove more to be a more pressing task.  Getting to comply with a request submitted to the site admins via its contact form is even more rare.


When will remove a post for free? will remove your information free of charge if any of the below criteria apply.


  • Content includes children's names or photos of children
  • Post includes involuntary nude photos
  • Content violates intellectual property rights

Post arbitration services now allows post authors to delete their posts if the posts are made from a registered user account.  However, the website still does not offer any way for those mentioned in posts or the subjects of posts to delete content, that is, without the help of an approved third-party post arbitration service, such as Defamation Defenders.

SEO Suppression

This strategy doesn't actually remove the content from  Instead of complete removal of the post, suppression will use Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to bury the negative content on search engine results.

Defamation removal attorneys

Filing a defamation lawsuit against the person that posted you on is a feasible way to remove your name and information from the site.  To do this you will need to (a) identify who made the post on and prove that the post contains defamatory statements about you.


Note: Simply threatening to sue a person for defamation will often persuade him or her to delete the defamatory content. Post Removal

Get your information off for good with Best-In-Class online reputation removal services from Defamation Defenders, the leader in online reputation repair and profile defense.

Price and Timeframe

Below you'll find details on our standard pricing for removal, as well as some information on how the process works and how long it takes to complete.

How long will it take to remove your information from

The table below contains information on typical turn-around times for removal.

Complete Removal from Website
 2 to 4 weeks
De-Indexing of Links
 Usually complete 72 hours after content removal from has been achieved.
Reputation Monitoring
  • Ongoing service
  • Setup can take up to 3 days.

How much will it cost to be removed from removal services ranges from $900 to well over $2,000 depending on the number of posts, number of websites the post has been submitted on, and a number of other factors.

Defamation Defenders offers a price-match guarantee for most cheater website removals.  Contact us today to get started with our guaranteed removal service.

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