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Guaranteed Internet Removals

Learn about our negative website content and search result removal solutions.

The challenge

Offer guaranteed removals from websites and search engines

Of course, it's far better to bury a negative article on Google than it is to do nothing, and leave the negative news story on the first page of your SERPs on Google, Bing and other search engines.  However, the full removal of a negative article is obviously preferred to merely hiding it by suppressing the article result on search engines with Reverse SEO, but the full and permanent removal of web content is typically more difficult to achieve. Our aim to offer our clients the most effective online reputation repair solutions possible is what led our team to the mission of providing guaranteed removals of website content, personal information and search engine results.


Develop trusted solutions to get website content removed

We've spent the past decade creating, testing and refining processes to remove website content that can be guaranteed to each and every one of our clients.

Guaranteed Removal of Defamatory Content

Defamation Defenders has provided industry leading online defamation removal solutions since the company's earliest years.  Our team of online reputation management professionals has successfully removed 1000s of defamatory posts from dozens of web forums, blogs and social networking sites.

Leaked OnlyFans Video Removal

Leaked Adult Content & Porn Removals

Don't let revenge porn or leaked adult content linger online another day.  Our adult content removal solutions, which include DMCA takedown notices, legal removal requests, and media watermarking and monitoring, are guaranteed to rid the web of stolen web cam recordings, revenge pornography, and leaked intimate photos and private videos.

Criminal records & mugshot photos

Find guaranteed removal services for mugshot photos and arrest information. Defamation Defenders content removal specialists have removed thousands of webpages from hundreds of mugshot websites and online newspapers.

How to Remove Mugshot from Websites | Defamation Defenders

Data broker website removals

We offer guaranteed removal services for personal information on Data Broker websites. Our award-wining team of online privacy and internet reputation specialists will ensure your name, age and date of birth, home address, political affiliations, and personal pictures are permanently removed from data broker sites and people search sites.

All of our guaranteed removals include

Expert consultation

Get a free consultation and online reputation analysis valued over $200 with all guaranteed removal services.

Quality 24/7 customer support

Our clients receive top-notch customer support from English speaking, US-based online reputation repair experts.

Professional reporting

Receive professional progress reports and project completion reports detailing the web pages we remove from the internet and links we get deleted of search engines.

Republication prevention/removal

Don't worry about negative web content reappearing, Defamation Defenders guaranteed removals come with a 100% satisfaction guarantee that any negative internet content we delete won't be republished.

Dedicated account manager

All Defamation Defenders' guaranteed removal clients are assigned a content removal specialist that serves as a point of contact, and dedicated account manager that can be reached out to with questions or concerns. Our content removal specialists are all highly experienced, and trained in online reputation management, internet privacy and website removal procedures.

Search Result Removals

Ensuring not only that all content is removed from the publishing website(s), but also that all links are properly deleted from search engine indexes of all major web search engines (Bing, Google, Yahoo, etc.).

Want to learn more about our guaranteed removal services?

Complete the form and an experienced Defamation Defenders online reputation advisor will reach out to you to answer your questions, and get you started with our guaranteed removals.

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