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Wikipedia business article editing and page management solutions

Creation of a new Wikipedia page

If your brand or topic meets current Wikipedia guidelines (such as topic notability), we can create a Wikipedia page for your business.

To help improve Wiki notability and worthiness, we offer a range of services. These include:

  • Before creating a new page, fill the notability gap
  • Creating a Wikipedia page for your business
  • Prioritizing peer-review before publication
  • New pages are being published
  • Cross-referencing other pages to improve relevance
  • WikiData page enhancement

Editing and repairing Wikipedia pages

If your business Wikipedia page is being attacked or just needs an update, we are here to help:

  • Correct inaccurate or misleading information Add missing information or new sections
  • Remove bias and improve article neutrality
  • Edit or repair your article for clarity
  • Remove harmful alerts after a previous correction
  • Improve your infobox
  • Incorporate images
  • Repair or refine your WikiData

Wikipedia monitoring and protection

Disgruntled customers, ex-employees, and competitors are often looking to damage your business's reputation and online credibility on Wikipedia. Our solutions to that threat include:

  • Ongoing Wikipedia page monitoring for new and existing threats
  • Threat alerts to notify you of new attacks quickly
  • Wikipedia page protection, including SEO content creation and placement
  • Wikipedia monitoring


Wikipedia Editing for Businesses FAQ

Other common questions about our Business Wikipedia Editing Solutions

Does Defamation Defenders write Wikipedia articles?

The Wikipedia smell test requires a brand or topic to have "significant coverage" before we write a Wikipedia page about it.

Wikipedia defines "significant coverage" as any mention that directly addresses the topic.

It is necessary for these to be more than cursory mentions, but they do not have to be the primary topic of the reference. If sufficient coverage is found to validate the article, notability is established, but if not, the page might be deleted.

Does Defamation Defenders edit Wikipedia articles?

There is a good chance your brand already has a Wikipedia article that needs revision. Defamation Defenders works with experienced business article editors who have a real interest in improving Wikipedia.

A Wikipedia profile cannot be edited if it is under constant scrutiny by bad actors or brand critics. In addition, there may be others protecting it, making it difficult to make changes.

Our unique editing process begins with your input and review, followed by peer review by experienced editors, and then recommendations on how to proceed.

After reviewing the article, we work with subject matter experts to update and revise the page as needed.

Does Defamation Defenders pay Wikipedia editors?

By working with Wikipedia editors, we improve accuracy, organization, sources, and neutrality of pages.

It is our goal to edit Wikipedia pages (and have them peer-reviewed) in a way that improves each article and can be done without charge. However, the site is highly unpredictable.

Some Wikipedia editors desire to be paid because they face the risk of being suspended for editing pages and improving Wikipedia regardless of whether they are paid or not.

The editors we work with often refuse to make changes they don't believe in. This results in our editors standing behind the revisions they make.

Can I create a Wikipedia page for myself or my business?

The Wikipedia community tends to despise companies and businesses who publish their own profiles. In nearly every case, these pages are deleted almost immediately. Once deleted, it is much harder to create another page later on. However, a third-party service can develop your brand's profile if it is noteworthy enough. Notability is key.

How can I tell if my company name is notable enough?

We recommend that you have at least ten notable third-party articles posted somewhere online before you can create a Wikipedia page and get it to stick. It is hard to tell when you have the notability to create a Wikipedia page. In addition to press releases, business websites, and social media mentions, it is also a good idea to look for any existing publications or authoritative mentions.

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